Saccidananda FAQ

Who is Saccidananda?

Saccidananda is not a particular person.  It is a transliterated term representative of a way of looking at the way the universe is put together.

What does Saccidananda mean?

Click on the “Pyramid in the Eye” symbol on the home page and you will see an explanation.

Why is Saccidananda Important?

Briefly, this particular world ‘s inhabitants are suffering from an imbalance due to the general belief that matter and the apparent “reality” that apprehends us daily is supreme, and that our Beings are subject to it.

Isn’t this the case?

Only if you believe it is so. It truly is one of the options available to you, but you are in Reality not constrained to live in such a situation.

How does what I believe make any difference to the world?

It makes all the difference . . . the essence of what is new in Saccidananda is an explanation of how we relate to Existence Itself.

Yes, but we’ve heard it all before. All the world’s great religions and philosophies have failed to make a difference. How is Saccidananda any different?

The world, or at least some inhabitants of the world, is on the verge of being ready to accept something we call “The Last Secret”.

What is this “Last Secret”?

That would be telling!

No really, I want to know what it is.

Truly, I cannot really tell you. Not because I can’t make up a string of sentences that represents what the secret is; its just that its something that one has to realize by themselves.  I can tell you that it is nothing really new; great literature and art have for centuries contained the codes that can stimulate a recognition of this information.  Also, I can tell you that the Last Secret is the information which will tell you ultimately Who You Really Are.

Is there some kind of guru or teacher I can talk to to learn the Saccidananda Information?

No, anyone claiming to be elevated over all humanity or even part of it is automatically not in resonance with the Saccidananda view of the world, which is basically Mystical.

Oh, you’re another mystic then? Are you trying to teach us all that New Age hocus pocus, witchcraft, and all that other stuff? Hasn’t science disproved all that rot?

Not at all. The greatest scientific minds of the past two centuries, and even before, never insisted that science has all the answers. Rather, they convey the message that science works within a limited sphere of endeavor, and the actual progress of science and motivation is due to action outside the realm of science.

Great scientists like Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Pauli, Werner Heisenberg, and Erwin Schroedinger were Mystics, each with their own way of thinking about the universe Metaphysically as well as Physically. See the book “Quantum Questions”, edited by Ken Wilbur, which has a collection of each of their statements on this subject.

So why can’t you tell me the Secret?

They say, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”.  First, in order to learn the secret, you have to unlearn a lot of things that have been taught to all of us as absolute facts.  It is not easy to unlearn these “facts”, as we base our everyday operation in the world on them.

Second, you have to be willing to dedicate time to immerse your mind in the issues surrounding the Secret, and of Existence itself. Most busy folks these days (and if you haven’t noticed, we’re being kept busier all the time) have no time or inclination to put in the attention needed to understand.

Can you give me an example of such facts that are taken for granted?

Yes; one of the most basic is the way we think of Existence itself. For most of us, something exists if we see it, or if someone we trust tells us something exists. Its a very simple matter. Shakespeare once said “To Be, or Not To Be, that is the question”. I think he was telling us more than was evident on the surface (Hamlet’s pondering terminating his own life).  “To Be” is probably the greatest mystery we can consider.

Existence itself is not a mere matter of something being around or not. Existence is everything; it is active, intelligent, all pervasive.  It is beyond time, space, science, religion, or anything else finite that we know.

The key to being able to understand the Last Secret is to unlearn what we think we know about Existence, and about Consciousness.

So how does this do me any good in the affairs of my life?

Saccidananda tells you where you stand in the universe; is the unifying principle behind all possible philosophies and religions. As such, practiced on a personal level, will help answer just about any question you have about your life or what to do in particular situations, as it provides a solid basis for ethics and a personal moral code.

It answers once and for all the debate about man’s free will, and the source of such will if it indeed exists.

It shows us how science and spirituality, rather than being antithetical to each other, actually are part of a greater whole.  Trying to extend science, logic, and rationality beyond their appropriate domains is largely responsible for the spiritual degeneration that our society is currently experiencing.

So how can this help the world?

My hope is that if enough of us understand the Last Secret, we will realize the true nature of our existences here on this planet. Once we understand that, we will know why it is in our best interest to cooperate with each other and not continually try to deprive each other of the freedom that is our birthright when entering this world.




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